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I Heart Tech Students 2020

On February 14, Tennessee Tech launched its 2nd Annual “I Heart Tech Students” faculty and staff giving campaign which focuses on five areas dedicated to keeping students enrolled. The videos above describe the services each area provides. The faculty and staff portion of the campaign was scheduled to run through March 27 when the entire Golden Eagle community would be invited to show their heart for Tech students on Tech’s Charter Day and Day of Giving.

In the early morning hours of March 3, a tornado ripped through Middle Tennessee, devastating the City of Cookeville and surrounding counties. The loss of life and property was overwhelming, and our students need these services now more than ever. In the weeks following, COVID-19 affected our students, our nation, and our world. Tech alumni and friends from across the country have reached out to ask, "How can I help?" We invite the community to make a gift now to help students in need.

Tech hearts its students. Thank you for supporting Tech students, especially during this most challenging time.

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About the campaign

Life and financial situations change quickly, and Tennessee Tech is committed to helping students facing a hardship—whether it be financial or emotional. But Tech needs your help to ensure these areas can continue to provide ALL of the services students may need, both today and when future situations arise.

The “I Heart Tech Students” Campaign focuses on five resources available to Tech students through tough times: the Food Pantry, Veterans Center, Eagle Assistance Grant, Counseling Center, and Accessible Education Center. These are five of the most important campus services we hope our students will never need—but when they do, we will ensure help is there if they ask for it. No student should have to leave Tech due to a lack of food, finances, or emotional support.

Professionals committed to ensuring equal access to Tech’s academic and physical environments. Your gift allows the AEC to provide quality services to students and faculty including academic adjustments, assistive technology and software, and other programs that promote awareness of the law and other disability-related services.
A Center offering brief, short-term, solution-focused therapeutic interventions for Tech students. Your gift allows the Counseling Center to provide resources to enhance the academic development and overall personal well-being of each student.
A place where students go for groceries when there's no alternative in sight. Your gift purchases food and personal items, raises awareness of hidden hunger on college campuses across the nation, and establishes a network of food acquisition, storage, and distribution to alleviate hunger among the Golden Eagle community.
A haven for veterans and their dependents trying to navigate the complexities of the GI Bill or make the transition to civilian life. Your gift provides direct support to student veterans who face temporary or permanent gaps in benefits and supplies for the Veterans Center.
A safety net for students in emergency situations, when a grant could mean the difference between staying in school or withdrawing before graduation day. Your gift supports an emergency fund for students facing one of the most difficult decisions of their lives.

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Are there other ways to make a gift?

While we encourage online gifts through this campaign, you always have the option to make a gift by phone, mail, or in person at the Varsity Building (705 N. Dixie Ave). To make a gift by phone, call (931) 372-6102. To make a gift by mail, send a check to Tennessee Tech University, Box 1915, Cookeville, TN 38505. Checks should be made payable to the TTU Foundation and include the gift designation in the Memo Line. Questions? Email giving@tntech.edu.

Why is donor support needed?

Due the impact of the March 3 tornadoes and COVID-19, more students than ever have inquired about the Eagle Assistance Grant, Food Pantry, and emotional and physical assistance provided by the Counseling Center, Accessible Education Center, and Veterans Center. The majority of the five areas of focus are 100% donor-funded. Even when state funding is available, often it is not enough to provide all of the resources and services Tech is committed to offering students. These student-focused programs ensure that students facing an obstacle in their college path can continue on their journey to a life-changing diploma.